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2017 TAX TIP: IRA, SEP IRA or Roth IRA For 2017? Which Makes More Sense?

(Pay attention if you are self-employed and over 59 ½ years old!) If you were considering making a Roth IRA contribution for 2017, and if you are eligible to make a deductible IRA or SEP IRA contribution for 2017, you may want to make the IRA or SEP IRA contribution rather than the Roth contribution. […]

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Is 2018 the Year to Sell Your Home?

Thinking of selling your home? Now could be a great time to consider selling your home. Inventories of properties for sale have been declining since the market crash of 2008. According to NH Realtors, Inc., the supply of inventory of homes for sale at the end of January 2018 is 2.5 months, which is below […]

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On The Edge of Retirement—Are You in Your Optimal Portfolio?

If you are approaching retirement, you may benefit from adjusting your portfolio by moving away from potential risk to possible enhanced returns. There is a range of possible combinations in your portfolio of risk and return. A portfolio will move into the combination that matches a chosen risk level and return capacity with each combination […]

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It’s Here: The Market Correction

Major investment analysists have been saying that a market correction is not a matter of “if” but “when” and the recent market volatility puts us in the correction territory. A market correction is defined as a fall of at least 10 percent in a stock or other security. It can happen at any time and […]

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Money Saving Tip: Catch-Up Provisions

Once the kids are out of college and the wedding is paid for, it is generally YOU time – time to set aside as much as possible for your retirement. The tax code allows you to bump up your savings if you are age 50 and over to help you reach your retirement goals. The […]

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How Much Cash Reserve Should I Have?

The typical American family has liquid cash in personal savings of only $4,807 (US Debt Clock, US Congressional Budget Office, 2018). According to a 2015 survey, 69% of Americans had less than $1,000 in a savings account. As a result, many will be in financial hot water in the case of a family emergency, such […]

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Important Tax Changes for 2018

The new year brings in sweeping changes to current tax laws, including alterations that could affect your income tax rate, Social Security benefits, and retirement savings. Here is a quick summary of the major changes: Tax rates have been reduced across the board. The tax brackets themselves have been expanded so that more taxpayers fall […]

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How Much Should I Contribute to My 401(k)?

The recent tax cut bill signed into law by President Trump is reducing corporate taxes significantly as well as lowering the marginal tax rates for most of the taxpayers. With these significant changes, the 401(k) has increased its maximum contribution amount to $18,500 (from $18,000 in 2017) with a Catch-up provision of $6,000 (same as […]

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Create a Pension Substitute in the 401(k) World

When Maurice Mathieu died in 1990 at just 59 years old, his eldest son, Stephen, had to help his mother with her finances including the planning for her retirement. This turn of events in the life of President Stephen Mathieu changed Legacy Financial Solutions from a business that focused on helping business owners open 401(k) […]

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You Can Donate Stock to Charity!

Now is the Time to Donate Appreciated Stock! Since we hit bottom in March 2009, the S&P 500 has grown more than 300%. While the bull market may have slowed in 2015 and 2016, the enjoyable growth that most stockholders have seen over the last 8 years has certainly returned. The question is, how long […]

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