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Is 2018 the Year to Sell Your Home?

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Is 2018 the Year to Sell Your Home?

Thinking of selling your home? Now could be a great time to consider selling your home. Inventories of properties for sale have been declining since the market crash of 2008. According to NH Realtors, Inc., the supply of inventory of homes for sale at the end of January 2018 is 2.5 months, which is below 2006 levels. Also, home loan interest rates of 4.5% for a 30-year fixed loan are still historically low and inviting to prospective home buyers.

In speaking with several professionals locally, we are hearing that the shortage of inventory makes it a seller’s market. If you are considering selling your home, we recommend the use of a qualified Realtor to help you with this critical step. Rather than do-it-yourself listing, consider these advantages of using a professional:

  1. You get the expertise of someone who helps folks buy/sell real estate for a living.
  2. Your Realtor will know your neighborhood and community intimately.
  3. Realtors have an extensive searching capacity that goes beyond what you may see online.
  4. They are connected to other professionals in related industries that may be needed.
  5. They will help you negotiate, taking you out of the middle of what at times can become emotional bargaining.

As always, we highly recommend you visit with your financial advisor as part of this transition. It is good to consider the implications of the anticipated sale, whether it be over tax considerations or merely maximizing the long-term benefit of your next real estate financing strategy.

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