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On The Edge of Retirement—Are You in Your Optimal Portfolio?

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On The Edge of Retirement—Are You in Your Optimal Portfolio?

If you are approaching retirement, you may benefit from adjusting your portfolio by moving away from potential risk to possible enhanced returns.

There is a range of possible combinations in your portfolio of risk and return. A portfolio will move into the combination that matches a chosen risk level and return capacity with each combination of investments. Your future retirement may be enhanced by repositioning investments into a space that maximizes the potential benefit while reducing portfolio risk. This is the efficient frontier of investing.

You can grow and protect your retirement savings by aligning your investments into this efficient frontier of optimal investments. One way to do this is to consider including guaranteed annuities in your portfolio mix, which can offer a number of potential benefits including:

  • Growth potential—Your annuity can increase in value based upon fixed interest rates or based upon the performance of an underlying index.
  • Principal protection—Your premium and credited earnings are protected from downside market risk.
  • Tax deferral—You pay no current income tax on any earnings until you withdraw money from your account.

Adding an insurance component, like a fixed or fixed indexed annuity, to your retirement portfolio might be an effective way to reduce your risk and increase the potential of achieving your retirement goals.

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