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Legacy Financial Solutions Was Created to Help Hardworking People Prepare for Their Financial Futures.

Our practice was founded to help those at or near retirement preserve, maximize, and transfer their personal wealth. Our team will create a strategy utilizing our unique approach, which is identifiable in two significant ways:

  1. We thoroughly review and integrate the five key areas of successful financial planning.

    Taxes: We review every tax return to assist in reducing your tax burden as much as possible.
    Investments/Income: Your investments should align with your accumulation goals, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. As you approach retirement, we can help you employ an investment strategy with added principal protection and once in retirement, to provide or complement an income solution.
    Risk Management: The largest risk in retirement is outliving your retirement assets. Other concerns such as market risk, interest rate risk, and long-term care risks will also be addressed.
    Legal: It’s critical to have your essential legal documents in order to ensure your loved ones are taken care of if something were to happen to you.
    Legacy: Your legacy is what you leave to your loved ones or charities and without a plan, it may only be a dream. Our team can help you ensure your legacy will happen.

  2. We help our clients employ efficient strategies to recapture wealth being lost or transferred unknowingly and often unnecessarily.


    There is real power in taking back what is yours. As you recapture money, you also keep the interest earned every day moving forward. This service can greatly enhance your savings and/or your net income.Through this approach, we will be sure to help you create an efficient plan to assist in reaching your goals and to make the journey along the way more enjoyable!

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