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At Legacy Financial Solutions, We Do Everything with Our Clients in Mind.

Our planning process begins with a free consultation. The initial discussion will be to get to know you by a review of your current circumstances and aspirations. Our unique process will assist you to become financially efficient by finding the money you may be losing to unnecessary wealth transfers, and by including a comprehensive review of the five core areas of financial planning to integrate your plan successfully.

Make Progress With Us From The Start

We will translate your financial objectives into real numbers and use our unique approach to develop strategies to help you reach your goals. You will walk away from your first meeting with valuable reports that provide a snapshot of your current situation and reveal any roadblocks to reaching your dream retirement.

Retirement Preparedness Report: We will help you answer the four most important questions you need to be able to answer to retire successfully. This personalized report will show how prepared you are for retirement and what you may want to change to make your retirement successful.

Investment Roadmap: You will receive a risk analysis report to help identify your current risk tolerance for your investments. Everyone has a unique risk tolerance and it is crucial to understand and have it act as a guideline for developing your investment roadmap.

Personalized Social Security Report: You will get a personalized Social Security report tailored to help you compare your options and choose for your future. We will help you analyze these options and provide you with the recommended filing strategies to help maximize the benefits you can receive during retirement. We will use your social security statements to create this report – so be sure to bring these with you when you visit!


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